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With the holidays fast approaching and National Diabetes Awareness Month in November, Lifesprk is launching a three-month Diabetes Awareness Campaign. But there’s another, more urgent reason we’re focusing on this chronic condition: COVID-19.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), having diabetes increases the risk of becoming severely ill from COVID-19.

So does that mean you have to deprive yourself of the things you enjoy? Absolutely not! Lifesprk’s physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitian know what it takes to help you manage your diabetes so you can live a healthier, happier, more independent life.

Throughout Lifesprk’s Diabetes Awareness Campaign, we’re offering a buffet of treats that won’t spike your blood sugars! Attend a free webinar, dance and sing to music videos, get tips from registered dietitians, read informative blogs, and explore a host of user-friendly resources. Like carb intake, we’re going to balance the amount of content consumed at once, so check back often.

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Diabetes does not have to define you! At Lifesprk, we swap out the sugar for the spark to make life just as sweet. If you’re anticipating a more socially distanced holiday season, take heart and action with a few ideas to zing up the day.

  • Music lifts our hearts and gets our bodies moving. So how about hosting a virtual dance party in your living room? Facetime or Zoom friends or family members.
    • No video? No problem. Play your favorite song during a phone call and invite your friends and family to dance along with you—a great way to beat social isolation!
    • Worried about falling? Try chair dancing. It can still give your body a workout and give you a chance to strut your stuff!
    • Dancing not your thing? Then sing along or hold a virtual karaoke party with friends and family.
  • Find new versions of favorite treats made with less sugar or swap old goodies for naturally sugar-free treats—and make sure to have some on hand for when you feel the urge for a special treat.
  • Don’t want to be tempted by old holiday favorites? Find a more healthful recipe for your holiday celebration.
  • Missing your family this year? Connect with them using video, phone calls, even cards and letters so you can feel close, even if from afar.
    • Schedule a time to watch the same movie or holiday classic at the same time.
    • Dig out old photos and swap them by mail or share via video.
    • Bake or cook something at the same time with your phone or tablet on the counter.

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Check out these blogs, websites, and tools to find user-friendly information and tips about diabetes. Check back often. We will continually update these section with more resources to spark your life.



Living a Sparked Life with Diabetes During COVID and Beyond

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM CT

Bill Thomas - chalkboard

Join internationally renowned geriatrician and Lifesprk Independence Officer, Dr. Bill Thomas, for an inspiring and interactive webinar on living a sparked life while living with diabetes. The event is free, but registration is required.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Dr. Thomas’ M.E.S.H. approach to control your diabetes—Move, Eat, Sleep, Heal!
  • Why underlying health issues increase the risk of becoming severely ill with COVID-19
  • How social isolation complicates chronic illness 
  • Techniques for making peace with your new normal

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Mindful Eating with JoAnna Weinand, Lifesprk Dietitian

JoAnna says it's not about what you eat but how much - you can enjoy the foods you love with diabetes but be mindful about the choices and portions. This is especially helpful during the holidays.

Don't let diabetes define YOU! Live a sparked life while managing diabetes.

Watch the video:

There’s ‘No Sugar Tonight’ But There’s Plenty of Spark

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. At Lifesprk we think that's something to sing about! We wrote our own version of ‘No Sugar Tonight’ and our team of ROCK stars performed it. Featured in this video is our Life Manager, Vicki Condon, RN as lead and Liz Lobb, staffing supervisor and Beth Nemec, Director, Partnership Engagement (at end) as backup singers. We challenge you to sing along and share! #NoSugarMoreSpark

Watch the video: